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Friday, August 28, 2009

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I have been feeling so lazy

as far as getting on the computer goes. Funny huh? Just too...."Ah, it's too much to turn it on and then I gotta "blah".....I'll do it tomorrow." Tomorrow: repeat.

Awesome thing is that I have been oh so not lazy in other departments. Taking care of the house (I organized the master closet and am cleaning it....gosh stuff in there gets does that happen?? :O ) - YAY though!). Spending time with the hubby :) It's tax season and he is an accountant (we thank God for that job every single day even though it's a really rough time). Enjoying the daughter cause she's trust-worthy, responsible, thoughtful and thoughtfull, FUNNY, and a real treat to hang around. Taking care of the cats, including the outside one - yep, that's 10 inside cats and one outside cat - I am a Saint and so is my husband. We are as much of a blessing in those cats lives as they are in ours. :) We just celebrated Rowan's birthday (he's the one eyed cat on the right ;). Everyone got treats (including the kittens - it was their first time for treats! awwww!) and everyone got to play. Zoe and the boy kitties all got "fixed" a couple weeks ago - they all recovered really well. Zoe is a real trouper!! (I'll be doing a post about the kittens very soon - as soon as I stop feeling so computer lazy :) .)

I've been a little quiet on the journal side, but I'm still almost finished a journal I began Feb that's not too bad. I think I had a lot to pour out, which I did, and now I'm feeling a lil more quiet - and just busy with the family/cats/house/yard.

Speaking of the yard....hubby and I started making trails in the backyard!! Oh, I cannot wait to walk on the 'finished' trail!!!! I've wanted this since we moved in almost 2 yrs ago.

Yes, Sandy, Spring has Sprung here!!!! YAY!!!! The ferns and lilies are popping up! The trees have buds! The birds are coming like crazy - cardinals, woodpeckers, goldfinches, chickadees and more I cannot name. I watched a squirrel take off with a half a coconut, that we use to feed them birdseed, this morning. Lil thief just ran into the woods with it. :) As a matter of fact, we were missing one and actually found it when we were making the trail through the woods.

Saw the groundhog running through the woods. The skunks make their nightly visits to the birdfeeders. They don't bother us, so we don't bother them - or maybe it's the other way around???

We're gearing up to do YARD WORK. :) We have such a good time, the three of us, doing yard work - mostly, sometimes there is frustration or annoyance, but mostly laughter and chit chat.

Been thinking of some projects for the inside or just what I want to do in general or what I can do....some of these kittens are getting really naughty - especially Cleopatra, but she's that cute kind of naughty "Mommy, I'm doing something me :)."

So, basically, I'm really really enjoying myself. That's about it.

How about you??


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

You rock. I rock. We rock!

Just wanted to say thank you for your support regarding my previous post. I give you all many many many smoochie poochie, huggy puggies. :) Ya'll make me smile!!!!! I appreciate YOU!

I also want you to know that I know the person that the comment came from - it wasn't just some random negative comment. The anonymouse stuff didn't fool me....I knew who it came from as soon as I read it. So, this is a very personal attack. It isn't the first one that showed up on my blog, but this one really struck me as funny. After I posted it....she had more to say to me. But this time she didn't hide. How very brave.

Here's how I look at's like a tick at a picnic....I wouldn't throw up my arms and say "That's it, the picnic is OVER because I found 1 tick." Shoot....most of my 'picnics' would be ruined that way.

So, the party goes on.....and on......and on. YAY and YIPPEE and WOOOOOO-WHOOOOO!!

Comment if you like Tick....but all it's doing is making people see you for the tick that you are. I cannot fix your problems. I will not fix your problems. They say, "Hurt people hurt people." I know you are hurt, but trying to hurt me just isn't going to get you anywhere good. Wishing you peace.

~Magickal Messes~

Monday, March 23, 2009

OH NO!!!!!

My world is crashing down all around me!! Nothing will ever be right again!! ::sniff, sniff, boo-hoo:: Someone left me this comment about my last post.....

Anonymous said...
you poor child - you sound like a 14 year old half wit! you really need to get a job and deal with adults!


Yes, you are absolutely right.....a job would make me such an adult. And you are such an awesome example of an adult - because leaving a message like that for someone is such an adult thing to do. Why hide Anonymouse? Tell me who you are so I can be an adult just like you and return the favor.


~Oh, what a wondrously wildly magickal place Earth is! and how funny are the people????~

BTW: My job is taking care of my family and experiencing Me and My Life.......what is more important than that?? Nothing. There is absolute comfort in that knowing.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Well, at least I know what to do with myself

1) Clean this mess up.
2) Next time seal the bag.

~Magickal Messes~

Monday, March 9, 2009


The following is an interview of me done by Sydney. She has several fantastic blogs like Looky Here and Adventures in Nature.

1. I am very interested in how you came to the path of changing your thoughts. It may be a long and winding one, but can you remember how the first seeds got started and what you did to grow them to where you are today with it all? You are VERY good at affirmative thinking/writing/creating!

My initial answer is that I was conceived/born. I lived. That’s how I got to who I am today. A more in-depth answer is: I am a thinker. I first noticed that I was different than other people when I was a teenager. I felt different anyway (most of us do though, I think). I thought deeply about me, my life, whatever was ‘going on’, how I felt - as I grew I went deeper. I started reading Leo Buscaglia and read my way to others and more others still. I kept thinking, feeling, digging. (I think I touch a little on this subject in my answer to #4)

Probably very similar to what you and many others have done and are doing.

2. Does your husband work out of the house so you have time to yourself to create in the day or do you work and have to work art and blogging time around that schedule?

Yes, Hubby works outside of the home during the day, so I do have time to art/whatever. "Build fire, boil water."

3. I am loving your kitty palace... would you ever add a dog, bird, lizard, etc? Also, have you always had pets? And were they always cats?

I probably would never own a bird, lizard type animal. Honestly, most of these cats came to me and I decided to love them. If birds or lizards had shown up, maybe I’d have them. (No, please no more animals, love em, but have enough.) I do like cats best though. Dogs are cute and fun. The neighbor has dogs, I talk to them, wave to them when I see them across the yards. I was born into a family with a wonderful dog named Samba. But I haven't owned a dog since. Like I said, it’s always been cats who showed up. Only three of the cats we have were initiated by us - that’s Binx (as company for Rowan), and Wentz and Mooka (cause we wanted a kitten and they had a 2 for 1 deal at the Humane League :) We’re loveable suckers.

4. As a fellow lifelong journaler, I am wondering how you got started keeping journals and when you feel you really kept them with commitment. You mentioned you started at age 10, which is when I started full on, though I have some (with my baby handwriting) from age 7...
Also, did you ever read Harriet the Spy? That's what made me start in earnest and I've never stopped!

I dabbled in keeping a journal for many years, it was sporadic, times I did it like crazy, times I didn’t at all. It’s still like that. I had a journal from August until the end of February. There are many jumps in time where I didn’t write - then there is a month of writing, writing, writing. I just finished that journal and am currently almost half through a new one. I might finish it by the middle of March. Or I might not. I do know that I am more committed to writing ‘me’ down than I used to be.

My writing used to be mainly what was going on (probably about some guy being a jerk or something highly important - haha) and now it’s about what’s going on, but more who I am and how I feel about what’s going on or trying to figure out something I’m doing or feeling. That’s what really keeps me committed to writing me down. I’ve grown and learned so much and am more joyfull now because of it.

I’ve never read Harriet the spy, but it might be a good book to read laying in the swing in the summer air. :) Sounds yummy.

5. Do you travel much? Whether you do or not, what/where do you think your next vacation will be?

No, I wouldn’t say I travel a lot. I have been to various parts of Pennsylvania, Delaware (Dela-where?), New Jersey, Maryland. Where I have lived in PA is so close to the others. I’ve also gone to Florida (many times), Las Vegas (which I didn’t care for), San Diego and Hollywood, CA, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (which has been our usual vacation spot for 4 years), New York City, Washington, DC.

As far as vacation this year, this will be the first year in many years that we aren’t going away somewhere. Kinda sad, but kinda good too. It’s a lil $, a lot cats, and for now more restful to stay home. We’re planning on doing some fun things here though. We’ve talked hot air balloon ride??????? And we’re buying ourselves some treats with part of the vacation $. Perhaps an Ipod for the teenager??????

6. It's supposed to be five but can ask another can't I? If you could have a dinner party and invite whomever you wanted... say, up to a dozen people... who would be at your table?

I love this question cause it made me realize something cool about me. The first answer I came up with was: Hubby Stu and Daughter Tristan. Then I remembered how much fun it is having Tristan’s friend Nicole with us on vacation. So, if I could have a dinner party and invite whomever I would be Stu, Tristan, and Nicole. They are a riot!

Now, the dreamy answer is more like this:
My bestest friend Dee
Jodie Foster
Goldie Hawn
Jim Morrison
Janis Joplin
M Night Shyamalan
My friend Dena from high school who died
Leo Buscaglia
Alanis Morissette
Stevie Nicks
John Lennon

If you'd like to be interviewed by me: Here's the instructions:

1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. (I get to pick the questions).
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions and a link to my blog.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Thank you for the interview Sydney and for your patience!